Monday Musical Medicine: Pump up the Volume

by: Shannon

This was the first song I danced to, I mean really danced to. It came out when I was 12. I remember being at a middle school dance wearing a pink, satiny dress my mom made. I was big and awkward and so aching to fit in. And I didn’t give a shit about any of that when this song came on.

The lights looked like galaxies spinning all around me as I let myself fully experience the music and let my body move.

When I dance, I travel to worlds within and without. I feel the stories of people and animals and places through my body. I feel every foot-fall as a prayer. Hearing this song when I was 12 gave me a taste of this sacred dance I would grow in to.

A few months ago I had the house all to myself. I was feeling rough. I thought of this song after not hearing it for many years. I put it on and danced in my living room, shaking the floors and and shaking something awake in me.

The song felt sacred to me after all these years and it came back with divine timing. Personal work and life challenges had me feeling ragged. So much pain and fear coming from every news story. So much exhaustion. But I heard the song and dove into the dance. I remembered who I was under all that pain and weariness. The words Pump up the Volume rang like a mantra in my head.

I lit the candles on the altar in gratitude and I played it again.

PS – 2:53 on the video up there. Sooo good.