Monday Musical Medicine: Stonehenge

by: Shannon

This song is connected to such beautiful memories shared with my daughter.

I met Kelianna at an event many years ago. I felt an instant sisterhood with her. Getting to hear her perform live was like being held, healed, and made strong through the stories of Goddesses and wise and powerful women.

I bought one of her cds, and it got plopped into the traveling van where me and my daughter spent lots of time. Stonehenge quickly became our favorite song.

The first words come out like a prayer song to the Great Mother with only the heartbeat of Kellianna’s drum and her voice.

Mother help me

Mother heal me

Please release me

From all things worldly 

That do not serve me

Mother love me

My daughter was about 8 then. She would sing that part with her sweet voice.

And I would sing:

I’m gonna break

These chains that bind

I’m gonna break

These chains that bind

I’m gonna break 

These chains that bind

Yes I will break these chains that bind

There are parts of the song where these parts are sung together. I can’t put into words how beautiful it was to share this prayer/song with my girl, driving down the road for miles singing our hearts out. 

For me this song is a prayer, a surrender, a call to stand up in my power. What a blessed gift to sing it with my child.

You can check out Kellianna’s work at Bandcamp and at her site