Monday Musical Medicine: Vai Florescer

by: Shannon

The days and hours leading up to the new year have had me thinking a lot about how I would like to move into this new year. What ways will I nurture my own physical, emotional, and Spiritual health? How will I continue to live in love, forgiveness, and compassion for myself and others in the midst of the turmoil of the personal and the collective shadow work we’re all experiencing? How can I keep my sanity and my heart in such times?

This morning I woke to find  a link to this song in a message from a beloved friend. He had sent it months ago, but I never saw his message until this morning. Must have been a gift for the new year and one so fitting for the quiet and reflective mood of my morning.

I listened to the song once through and enjoyed the sweet melody. Then an hour later I realized how the lyrics vai florescer kept ringing through my head and how every time I heard the words I felt uplifted. I get this same sensation after chanting or singing sacred songs. There is a hum, a vibration that continues to ring out long after I have stopped singing. It is like the ripples in water after a stone is thrown. The ripples from this song kept drawing my attention and my mood upward and I had to listen again.

Vai florescer – will flourish. This song came to me on new year’s day, from a dear friend, and lifted my thoughts and heart. And now I have a new question to ask myself.

How will I flourish in 2018? 

How will you flourish in 2018?

Happy new year blessings!!!