Welcome to Shining Keys!

Hello. Welcome to the launch of Shining Keys. My name is Keiden Bren, one half of Shining Keys. My wife, Shannon, and I have decided to take the leap and to make the dream of launching our own business a reality. We both love to make things and we really love creating classes and workshops that give people safe spaces to explore themselves and tools for personal empowerment and growth. For us this launch means that dreams are coming true, both for us each individually and for the collective us that is our relationship.

I know I am not the only person in the world that dreams of being able to financially support my family doing something that I love and what I love doing is getting to work with my hands doing all sorts of different crafts. By making this business our full time job some of our crafts are no longer just weekend hobbies or something that we do whenever we can squeeze an hour or two of art time into the daily life schedule. Our reality now includes making sure there are bigger chunks of time devoted to arting and crafting on the schedule and the more opportunity there is to create the more opportunities there are to create with my wife.

Devoting ourselves to this work full time has also opened up our time to create new classes and the time to be able to bring those classes and workshops to more spaces and to more people. Now we don’t have to put a class idea on hold until the other person gets home, we can talk about it right then in the moment and brainstorm out an idea that turns into a class. My days, though still filled with mundane daily tasks, are now starting to be full of art, music, and creation and in a moment it hits me; I am living the dream already.