Adventures At The Love Party

Our first vending gig as Shining Keys was during The Love Party at Creative Labs almost a month ago. Time flies when life is moving and work is fun. The whole experience was awesome in so many more ways than I could have imagined. The Love Party was an EDM show with the DJ lineup packed with couples. So it seemed appropriate for my wife and I to be making our vending debut at this show.

We decided to pay for an extra ticket to the show to bring the, now adult, kid with us to help work the table. Shannon and Valhalla are used to the vending life since Shannon spent eight years on the road vending. So she has been able to get into a groove with Valhalla and I was a bit nervous about stepping into their flow. But I had nothing to worry about; we all flowed together, taking bathroom breaks and making sure we were all hydrating and having snacks. So we got to vend as a family and it felt really good to have us all there working “the family business”. I never thought I’d have a kid of my own, let alone get to work with them doing something that I love.

Getting to see the venue itself was worth the trip. There was art all over the place. Small pieces, huge pieces, installations inside and out. Shannon and Valhalla were both so excited with all of the art around. There was no way to look at everything in just one trip and we have been keeping our eye out for another event to check out there just so we can go explore more of the space.

Some of my personal highlights of the evening include getting to dance with my wife. Most of the dance we do together is around a fire circle but there is a different kind of letting loose that happens on the dance floor. It was really cool to bring Valhalla with us and to watch her settle into the experience. I was laughing when I realized and told Shannon that we had just taken our kid to her first warehouse rave, but it was a rave in an art warehouse studio and such a unique experience that I am really grateful we got to share as a family.