Seventeen – Nineteen Weeks Ago

by: Keiden

Wow, has it only been three weeks? Time flew quickly these past few weeks. The medication finally came in the mail so hopefully there won’t need to be too much more time spent on the phone to keep things moving. I did a job that took me across the country and time and space can get a little weird during nine days of travel. The house got decorated for the holidays, Shannon put out some old classic decorations and we are also trying something new this year.

The medication was finally able to get shipped the day I was leaving for the job but it didn’t seem like a good idea to start a new medication on the road. Overall I started to worry a lot less about the injection itself when I saw that it was only a 29g needle. I am still a bit nervous about the panic attack side effect but to help disperse some of that anxiety, Shannon and I had a conversation about things that I know I will want or need to do if I am in a panicked state and they are some pretty good tools. One way to make my body comfortable is to get into baby pose or the fetal position and one way to get me to get me through a moment of panic is by tapping myself at a rate of 60bpm or one tap every one second. Even though I’ve been back home for almost a week I still haven’t started the injections yet. I put a call in to schedule a nurse training session but they need a doctors order for that so I wasn’t able to get that scheduled yet. So now I have the medication but hesitate to start because I want to make sure I am injecting it right. I’d prefer a physical walk through for this injection and not just some pictures and a Youtube video. It has been really frustrating how slow this whole process has been.

One of the things I love about taking odd jobs are the wonderful, and sometimes random, experiences I have gotten to have because of a job. No one job is the same so I don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again. This job included driving across the country to Washington state. I walked a short stretch of railroad track and picked up seven railroad spikes in Pittsburgh. I found a magical doorway with keys in the floor in a bar in Washington. There is so much road between here and there but I got to see lots of states I had never seen before: Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Washington. My eyes took in so many new landscapes and animal sightings. There were magpies all throughout Montana, I whistled back and forth with one during one of our quick stops. Eagles and crows everywhere in the mid-West. We even saw pronghorn antelope. Now I didn’t see any, but I saw a sign to look out for bighorn sheep and I’ve never seen one of those on the road before. There is so much beauty in this country and we take so little time to enjoy it.

I was really good about taking care of my body and making sure to stretch every day, sometimes twice a day. For having spent eight days driving my body feels in pretty good shape, not one muscle locked up along the way or on the way home. I got to see beautiful sights and so many mountains. I got to meet new people and make some new friends along the way and I got to spend some really good time with a good friend at the end of the trip. He took me to his favorite bar, which happened to be a barcade and the location of the magical doorway, and we got to play one of my favorite games, House of the Dead. There were so many neat things to see as he showed me around the campus of his art school in Seattle and took me for a walk through Pike’s Place. I love traveling because it opens me up to experiences that I wouldn’t get to have otherwise. I love getting to see and explore new places. Lessons from the road are good to be reminded of: Just got to go with the flow. Be in the moment, both for safety, like when driving, and for presence, like taking in the beauty of what you see right in front of you.

Coming home from the trip felt so good, it always feels good to come home after being on the road but this one had a bit of holiday cheer. Before I left there had been a discussion about whether or not to have a tree this year because in the four years of celebrating Yule together we have not had a tree, mostly because of cats. This year there was pining for a tree so I picked up a cheap four foot tree that would not be a huge loss if the cats decided to destroy it and set it up before I left. While I was gone Shannon and Valhalla got lights put up and decorated it all up in the house so I got to come home to it all decorated. Shannon also pulled off some massive cleaning work in the house and I got to come home to a clean house. I realized that is something we try and do for each other when one of us is gone for a few days because we like giving each other that gift of coming home to clean and tidy space.

Now that I am back home I have taken a couple of days easy and a couple of days off. Easing back into the flow here has been a lot nicer than jumping right into the thick of it. There is some more odd job work ahead but no big trips on the calendar in the next few weeks. That means there is time to get back into the workshop and I am looking forward to getting my hands back to crafting.