Thirty – Thirty One Weeks Ago

Life keeps on rolling. These past two weeks Shannon and I worked a painting job and my shoulders are feeling that sore/strong combo from that work. We were gifted a new plant that we put in our bedroom and it feels like a small but good impact to have plant life in there. We have also started the spring cleaning. One of the first things we do in our house is take down the plastic off the windows. Though it still gets a bit chilly at night it feels great to start cracking windows during the day. Spring cleaning also means getting plants back outside and out of the basement. We also did a closet purge and got a few clothes into the dye room to add to stock as well as a few items into a small thrift section we keep in our shop. With the security of reliable transportation Shannon just blasted out of her cave and got us lined up with some events for our spring schedule.

We have our big trip down to Louisiana coming up real quick. The week before an event there is a frenzy of crafting, laundry, and making lists. We have so much more space in the van that we get to add bins of stock. Before we were having to curate our product for each different show we went to because we just couldn’t pack everything into the Corolla. But we finally get to expand our booth! We are getting a new clothes rack and bringing shepards hooks with us to hang lanterns from. And for the first time ever Shannon and I are getting to pack our own clothing bins instead of having to share a single bin. Shannon is super excited to be able to bring more outfits.

Had another appointment with the Johns Hopkins neuro doctor at the beginning of the month. He said that most of the MS treatments are too aggressive for my case and I feel hesitant to try another one because I didn’t react well to the last treatment, but in the little bit of research that I have managed to get through it all agrees that the earlier treatment is started after diagnosis the more likely it is that the degenerative stuff will hold off for longer. Stopping treatment puts one at an even higher risk for the degenerative stuff. The next treatment to try is an oral medication and I have been warned that there is an adjustment period to this medication. I am likely going to feel sick the first few weeks that I am taking it and that doesn’t sound at all fun to go through. I told him that I am not willing to start that treatment right now because we are about to get into festival season and I need to be feeling steady for this flow of work coming. He didn’t seem too concerned that I wasn’t going to start the treatment right away because those latest MRIs came back clear. He did say that we should still start making those moves anyway to get that through insurance now, that way when I am ready to start I should have it already. It will be interesting to see how smoothly this process goes compared to the last one. Still, I am feeling thankful every day that I wake up and there are no new symptoms because things could be a whole lot worse.