Day Six

It is day six of the new meds and things are going pretty well all things considered. The first day I had some flushing about three hours after the first dose. My face got hot and tingly, then it moved down my body, and as the hot and tingly feeling left it was replaced with itchy sensations. The whole experience only lasted about twenty minutes and was pretty easy to deal with. A wet cloth felt so good until my body heat made the water warm. Shannon was super sweet and rubbed my back while wiping my face with the wet cloth. I knew about this side-effect beforehand so it wasn’t a surprise and I haven’t had one as intense as that first day. So, overall, I feel pretty happy with how things are going so far.

On day eight I move up to the regular dose from the starter dose. I’m keeping in mind that when I go up in dosage I could have another round of intense flushing but that is really so much easier to deal with than a painful injection. I know that I might also experience some of the other side-effects but so far my guts aren’t complaining and I haven’t felt sick to my stomach. This treatment is just so much easier to deal with overall compared to the last one. It hasn’t been as hard to remember to take the pills as I thought it might be for me but we haven’t been doing much traveling. Having to take the pill with food is helping me eat a little better since I do not want to even try taking the meds on an empty stomach.

I have to admit I feel a bit embarrassed now about how resistant I was to starting this treatment. I’m not experiencing awful side-effects. It doesn’t have a negative impact on my daily routine. I feel silly for feeling scared. I am still not terribly excited about the possibility of having to take medication the rest of my life but I would still rather do that than lose my mobility. I’ve got some choice in that where a lot of people don’t have that choice about mobility. I’m still feeling thankful everyday I wake up and can feel my fingers and toes.