Monday Musical Medicine: Chika

Some of my musical medicine lately has been this artist, Chika, whose music I stumbled upon earlier this year. Listening to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts while painting a room I had to stop and go look at the artist so I could find her music again. I was completely hooked by the end of her set. Her music had me moving and bouncing my head. She had me chuckling in between songs during her NPR set. It took me a little while to go looking for more but I am so glad I did. I listened to her EP a lot over the summer and fall while I was out doing yard work. 

So here’s the thing, I don’t really want to talk about her music. I really just want to share the musical experience of Chika with you. 

You can find the tiny desk concert here:

A link to her EP for listening:

A link to her instagram: