Classes & Workshops

Most of our classes are offered for individuals, groups, or events and are adaptable for a large range of settings such as schools, organizations, yoga/wellness studios, festivals, and events. We are happy to work with you to adapt our classes to work for your group/event. For class and teaching inquires, please send an email to

Classes taught by Shannon & Keiden

  • Using Touch & Breath To Connect With Your Partner – This class explores the way touch and breath can be used to connect with yourself and your partner/s. This is a constantly evolving class, with new discussion and exercises to aid us in connecting through touch and breath. This class includes a series of hands on partnered exercises. Come with a partner, a friend, or a family member to do the matched exercises with.
  • Communication Breakdown Communication breakdown, it’s always the same. But it doesn’t have to be. Shannon and Keiden come to the proverbial table with their personal stories and experiences to bring a real and raw look at communication in relationships. In relationships, we have a responsibility to ourselves and to our partners to communicate, but it isn’t always easy. Through discussion and partnered exercises, we will share tips, tricks, and tools to navigate communication consciously and compassionately. 
  • Intro to Journey Work – Journey techniques can help us connect to infinite wisdom through meditative states that allow us to enter “non ordinary reality.” In these shifted states of consciousness we can find answers to help guide us in our lives and opportunities for deep healing. We will guide you on multiple short journeys in this class to help you learn techniques for self-exploration and self-healing.
  • Grounding, Centering, & Balancing – In this class we will use discussion and a series of exercises to explore how grounding, centering, and balancing can help in maintaining peace and equilibrium in our daily lives.
  • Moving Meditations – This class is a series of moving meditations allowing us to connect to ourselves through breathing, stretching, walking, dancing, and mantra.
  • Party Starter – This class combines stretching, movement, yoga postures, and breathing exercises to get loosened up, energized, and ready to have fun!
  • Sacred Sound – Sound current has the ability to move energy, change moods, and bring healing to ourselves and the world around us. In this class we will be exploring the vast potential of sound through talking, toning, chanting, singing, and meditation with mantra.
  • Feeding the Fire – There is a sacred relationship between the drummers, the dancers, and the fire. In this class we will jump right in and explore that relationship through group discussion.
  • Fire Release – Fire is an element of transformation and one that has brought people together throughout history. We will explore many ways in which fire can be used for personal transformation. In this class we will also discuss the importance of fire in ritual and its connection to drums and dance. Everyone will get to make their own fire release packet in this class.
  • Ordeal: Transcendence Through Pushing Your Limits – In this class we will explore how ordeal can be used as a means of personal and spiritual growth. We will look at ordeal both as an experience and as a spiritual path. In exploring ordeal, we will look at ancient rituals from various cultures and also look at different ordeal rituals and practices today. Discussion of some of the pros and cons of ordeal work and the ordeal path will also be examined and discussed together as a group.
  • Physical, Spiritual, & Emotional Aftercare – Aftercare is becoming more needed in this day and age of spiritual awakening. In this class we will explore holistic self-care necessary to staying balanced and well through these awakenings and through challenging personal and global events/stresses. We will explore self-care and caring for others through discussion and exercises with an emphasis on identifying your own personal self-care needs.
  • Creating Sacred Art – These workshops are for honoring divinity through the creation of art. We offer classes in mixed media sacred/altar art, wire-wrapping, silk and cotton altar cloth/scarf dyeing, and jewelry-making.
  • Building Altars – This class is a participatory class on building altars for individuals or for groups/communities. Specific themes such as building an Ancestor altar will explore the hows and whys of building an altar while everyone gets to bring their vision to life. For more info on possibilities for this class, please contact us.

Classes Taught by Shannon

  • Journey to Healing Through Art – In these workshops guided meditation, ceremony, and the creation of art are used for growth and healing. Everyone will create their own piece of art to take home with supplies provided. Themes for workshops vary. Please fill out the contact form for information on specific themes offered.
  • Kundalini Yoga – Kundalini Yoga brings together breath, physical postures, deep meditation, and mantra to help us become more balanced and to operate from our highest selves. Classes are offered at various levels for individuals, groups, and events and can be single classes, series, or themed workshop days. Please fill out the contact form for information on specific classes offered.

Classes Taught by Keiden

  • Building A Sacred Fire – This class will walk you through the basic mechanics of building a fire. You will learn how to build a fire with intent and for transformation either for the self or a group.
  • Queer: A Brief History Of An Identity – Queer as a term has been around for several hundred years but Queer, as an identity, is relatively new. Ever wonder how that transition occurred? This class is for anyone curious as to how the term queer transformed from pejorative slang to an identity, orientation, and even gender.